How many things you should consider while watching a sample flat in Sobha City Gurgaon ?

Sobha City Sample Flats are well-designed, captivating & openhearted, just like what an actual apartment would look like. But still, these sample flats are not what you will get at the time of possession. 

In most cases, when any home buyer on a site visits any under-construction residential property they are convinced by the builder as well as the agents to visit the sample flat to take an idea and feel of what you will get as an apartment. These sample flats are designed with extreme care and high-quality products to lure potential buyers and make them think that it is precisely how their dream home would be like. Whereas the complete setup seems perfect, but keep in mind, there are some differences in the sample & original flat.

How many things you should consider while watching a sample flats  in Sobha city Gurgaon ?

In most cases, sample flats are designed to influence every home seeker to buy the property instantly and builders spend a good amount of money to make them look stylish. Here we are not blaming any builder or developer, because still there are many reputed names in real estate where you will get what you see in sample flat just like Sobha City in Gurgaon Sector 108.

So, there are so many things you should consider while watching a Sobha City Gurgaon Sample Flat. Read carefully to know more…

Walls are Thinner: In most of the cases, walls of the sample flats are made up using different materials like wood, plastic & plywood except using brick & mortar, this makes walls thinner than normal and makes a simple room more spacious. 

Less Loading: The loading in the sample flats is comparatively are much lesser than 35 percent from an actual flat. It is constructed in such a way that there are minimum pillars which again makes space seem bigger. This means that the apartment that you will be handed over, will be lesser in space.

High-end furnishing & Décor: The sample apartment is only made for showcasing the visitors and hence it’s adorned with the best of furnishing, mostly branded and the decoration also plans in a way to provide a look of higher space. The furniture is also selected to keep in mind that there will be more space in comparison to the regular ones. 

Special Interiors: According to the real estate experts and the trend watchers, the developers spend approximately Rs. 15 Lacs to Rs. 20 Lacs on the sample apartments that are to be shown to the prospective home buyers. The shades on the walls and the lighting are such that they would look very good-looking and pleasing. The experts further revealed that if home buyers have to bring the same look in their new home, then they have to spend the same amount on the decoration & interior.

The doors and windows are replaced: Many a time the sample apartment has seen not to have any ordinary doors and windows and are replaced with sliding doors, even glass panels which make a normal space more spacious. This gives the prospective buyer an impression that the carpet area is much bigger than it will be when real doors and windows are being equipped with.

What can you do to avoid being disappointed?

  • If you are going for the site visit, make sure you ask the agent, while he shows you the sample flat, to take you to the site to show a real apartment too.
  • When visiting the sample flat, begin to visualize your furniture and your future requirement and see if the property is spacious or not.
  • Always check the documents with the actual dimensions of the unit and do not hesitate in comparing them with the dimensions of the sample flat.
  • If the project is still in a soft launch stage before you ink the deal, do due diligence and check the previous residential project of the developer. Arrange a site visit to these projects if possible.